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8400 Press

8400 Press

Heavy duty 1" diam. pressing screw with Acme thread exerts a powerhouse of pressure with a minimum effort. Four threads per inch permit fast travel.

Grinder bolts to press frame. A high strength plastic drum studded with eight rows of stainless steel teeth is mounted on a steel crankshaft inside the hopper. (Grinder can be easily removed from press and mounted on a sawhorse or other support, allowing one person to grind fruit, another to press juices.)

Heavy cast-iron flywheel with hardwood handle rotates drum mounted on steel shaft -- all perfectly balanced for smooth, easy grinding.

Large steel-banded pressing tub will hold up to one bushel of pulp inside the the fitted, fine-mesh pressing bag. It will keep the skins, stems and pulp inside the bag letting only the juice flow through. You must order them extra as they are not included with the press

Entire press frame and tub are now SOLID HARD MAPLE for super strength. You must apply a final finish of one of our polyurethane coatings or varnish, lacquer or mineral oil.

Uprights of sturdy hard maple and the extra wide-stance legs provide total stability under grinding and pressing action.

Sliding collecting tray with bottom juice drain.

8400 Metal Kit


Includes all metal parts, bolts & Screws, wood plans and complete grinder. (8002K)

8400 Wine Press


8400 without the grinder. (8020)


Table Model Fruit Press

"Authentic Old Fashioned" Fruit press for pressing soft fruit. (Tub size is 9" x 11" high and overall press size is 11" x 20") 

PLEASE NOTE: The Yakima is NOT for apples - ONLY soft fruit and grapes.

 Sturdily constructed. Fun for the whole family.


The Complete Grinder

Amazing NEW self-feeding design. No need to slice or push apples down. Comes complete with the backboard to mount on your press or stand. Now made with cast iron side plates and front plate. Works Great !!! You can install a motor easily yourself.


"Nylon" Pressing Bags

Sturdy bags made to fit your tub. You'll want these for sure as you get more juice by using them. They last a long time but it is always nice to have a spare. Just insert the bag into the tub and hang the excess over the sides. Grind your apples in the bag then fold over to complete the bag and put your pressing plug on top. When you apply pressure with the screw the juice will filter out through the bag giving making your juice clear enough to drink with the pomace of seeds, skins, and stems contained in the bag. Just empty the bag and use it over again. Wash with clear water when you're through and store for next year. Will last many years.


Wooden Hopper

Holds 35 pounds of apples and makes grinding easier and faster. You need not push the apples down and you will get a better grind because of the steady flow of fruit into the grinder.


Adjustable Wheels

The press weighs over 100 pounds and if you have to move it from garage or basement they are really handy. You can go up or down stairs and over rough ground with ease. Just tilt your press toward you and drop the adjustable wheels into place and they lock automatically. Tilt the press onto the wheels and you can move your press anywhere with no strain.


EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel - Wipe-On Clear Coat - 1 Pint

We have found the perfect protection for your press. It must have a moisture seal on it before use. Lacquer or varnish will work fine, but must be redone every few years, and must be non-toxic and safe for food contact. EZ-DO is a non-toxic polyurethane gel that seals and protects your press in one easy step. This food-safe poly gel is FDA approved.
FDA Approved
Non-Toxic Safe for Food Contact
Lead Free
Water & Alcohol Resistant
No Runs
No Lap Marks
Easy Application & Fast Drying
Includes: 2" Chip Brush, Pair of gloves, and a rag.


Poxy Coat - Protect Your Investment

Your press must have a moisture seal on it before use. Our POXY COAT is estimated to last at least 10 years. One quart will do your press, wood and metal. Sold only through dealers such as ourselves and not available at your local hardware store. It's easy to use and you'll love it.


Sweet & Hard Cider Book

This book contains all the information you need to know about making it and preserving it. A full 8 1/2 x 11 size book containing 188 pages. Chapters, contain information about cider varieties, basic procedures, equipment and materials, the orchard, beyond cider, cider and the law, and many recipes for cider and apples.


Picking Bag

Strap adjustable for right or left handed picking or for front or side. Great for any type of fruit. Wide shoulder strap made for comfort.


Apple Peeler

It is not needed for making apple cider. It peels, cores & slices in one easy operation. Makes fast, clean work of pies, fruit & potato salads, sauces, canning, drying & delicious apple snacks. Built to last! Best peeler we could find.


Petrol-Gel Lubricant

Perfect for use on your Acme Screw and Grinder Shaft.
Petrol-Gel is the purest of lubricants, made with an odorless, tasteless, high viscosity index paraffinic base oil. Petrol-Gel is compounded with appropriate food grade additives to meet the performance demands for all recommended applications.
Authorized by USDA as a lubricant for use where incidental contact with food...
Tasteless and odorless
Will not taint
USDA Rated H-1
FDA Approved
Impervious to water
Operating Temp 0° - 185° farenheit
High melting point 195° farenheit
Technical white grease


Fruit Picker Head and Extension Pole

Holds 4 to 5 apples and reaches to the top of most trees without a ladder.
Comes with an 8' wooden pole.